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Kyle Maxwell, MD Kyle Maxwell, MD

Marshall University - Edwards SOM

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to look at VCU for your residency! Having been an intern here for the past few months has truly shown me that I made the right decision on where to spend the next 3 years. I have a family of my own, and we are expecting a new addition in the next few months as well. VCU has been a great environment for me to be able to balance the busy life of a resident with spending time at home. The two-week rotation system ensures that you never have too long spent at a breakneck pace and that you always have some free time on the horizon, as well. On top of that, the team we have has been incredible for me. The attending physicians here genuinely love to teach and work with you to help you grow and develop as a doctor. I have yet to have an interaction with any of our attendings that was not constructive, or even unpleasant. The residents here are fantastic as well. Every team I have been a part of has worked together with the benefit of the patient at the forefront of everyone's mind. The competitive atmosphere you find in some programs is not the case here, either. Everyone works together for the betterment of their peers. It is a very refreshing environment, especially on those days that you aren't feeling up to snuff. Those are my feelings on the program, but a little about me. Like I mentioned, I have a beautiful wife, whom I definitely married up to. We have a 12-year-old daughter and a baby boy on the way. Also a very needy puppy, and two pompous cats (I like them, but I love our dog more). I'm a gamer at heart and love most things nerdy. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, specifically. I do enjoy some DnD, so if anyone out there is interested in starting a resident campaign, please choose VCU. Hope to meet you all soon!

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