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Jessica (Jess) Mace, MD Jessica (Jess) Mace, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University SOM

Hi Everyone! My name is Jess Mace and I am a Pediatric PGY-2. I am originally from Baltimore, then went to the University of Maryland, College Park for college and Drexel in Philadelphia for a post- bacc. Then I came down to Richmond for medical school and loved it so much I stuck around for residency:) The program was the perfect size for me. Small enough to know my co-residents and the faculty well, but yet big enough to see the wide variety that Pediatrics has to offer. It also helps that I love RVA. There are tons of things to do, while still being affordable and easy to get from place to place. My favorite things about Richmond include all the opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking/biking/ and my favorite -running, as well as all the delicious breweries located around town. Recently, I haven't had quite as much time for my hobbies as I now have a 6 month old daughter at home but am looking forward to post pandemic exploration of the city with a toddler. Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

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