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Becetti, Imen, MD Imen Becetti, MD

Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar

Hello! My name is Imen Becetti, and I am one of the third-year pediatric residents. I am Algerian, born and raised in Qatar, which is where I went to medical school at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar. I matched at VCU/CHoR with a couple of my dearest friends, and we moved to Richmond in 2018.

I was drawn to VCU on my interview trail after seeing the camaraderie between residents and faculty and getting to experience that “Southern charm” firsthand. Everyone was kind, welcoming and friendly. Plus, the 2-week-block system we have here is an absolute gem! Now as a third-year resident, I can confidently say that those first impressions were absolutely correct, and we created here a home away from home.

I have loved living in Richmond. I live in the downtown area a few blocks away from the James River, where I walk there with friends and explore Belle Isle and Brown’s Island on the James River. Whether you’re into arts, museums, experiencing different cuisines, or shopping, you have it all here and more in Richmond!

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