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Heemali Kamdar, DO Heemali Kamdar, DO

Philadelphia COOM

Hi and welcome to the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU! Excited for y’all to embark on this exciting journey into the world of pediatrics! My name is Heemali and I am one of the peds interns here! When applicants ask about our program, I can’t express enough how blessed I feel to be here. I’m originally from the Philadelphia area, completing both undergrad and med school there! Richmond has been such a refreshing change after living in Philly for 8+ years; with its incredibly kind patient population, diversity of cuisines to pick from, and the many exciting outdoor adventures this city has to offer, you really can’t ask for more as a resident! As an applicant, I remember fearing work-life balance as a brand new resident. However, one of the best perks VCU’s programs offer is the 2-week rotation schedule- this has helped prevent fatigue, burn out, and really allow residents to still enjoy their outside-of-work hobbies on weekends! My favorite part about our program is honestly the people though; from our amazing attendings, nurses, pharmacists, to the great group of residents, you can’t find kinder people to work with! From day 1, I knew I had found my tribe with the people who matched with me this year. It never really feels like real work when you’re essentially working alongside some of your closest friends! Everyone has each other’s backs, and will always lend a helping hand; whether it’s with covering a shift, seeing another patient for you, or even with moving furniture or dog-sitting, they’re always there for you! I have felt completely supported by my colleagues, seniors, and the program in entirety during my time here, which was one of the main attributes I looked for when deciding on a program! I hope you enjoy your time learning about VCU and wish you luck on your interview journey! We hope to see you join us next year at VCU!

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