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Casey Freymiller, MD Casey Freymiller, MD

University of Wisconsin SOM and Public Health

Hi all, my name is Casey Freymiller. I grew up in a small Wisconsin town, did my undergrad in La Crosse, Wisconsin in BioChem, and went to Med School in Madison, Wisconsin (Go Badgers!) So I was ready to take an adventure for residency, and I could not have been happier to match at VCU in Richmond. Residency here has been an excellent experience, filled with lots of learning opportunities, but not without fun and great new friends.

I got married during the third year of medical school to my wife, Emma, who is a nurse. We had our first baby, Lily during my M4 year (which worked out great during the 4th year!) We road-tripped down to Virginia for interviews and just loved Richmond, the river, and the climate (and the prospect of less wintertime snow). We enjoy going on bike rides on the Capital Trail, day trips to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or just walking around Church Hill getting ice cream and coffee. We are also big fans of the many breweries in town. When I am not too busy being a resident, we like to have people over for a backyard bonfire or a cut-throat game of Catan.

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