Current residents

Pappa, (Maria) Belen, MD (Maria) Belen Pappa, MD

West Virginia University SOM – Martinsburg

I fell in love with Richmond the day I came for my interview at VCU. The city is full of natural and historic beauty with artistic murals and good food in every block.... everything you need in a city! It was also a close distance to our loves ones who live in Maryland and NoVa which sealed the deal. I completed my undergrad at the University of Maryland, received a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins, and worked as a genetic counselor in Washington DC for three years before going to medical school at West VA University in Morgantown. I moved to RVA with my husband and bought a lovely (fully solar powered!) home before starting intern year. I am currently a PGY-3 and we are expecting our first baby due any minute in the Fall of 2020. The community at VCU Pediatrics has been an amazing support throughout my residency and this new and challenging stage of life. The supportive learning that takes place during work hours and the friendships and camaraderie that builds outside of hospital grounds between residents has truly exceeded my expectations and made the past three years fly by. As I move forward with my career as a general pediatrician I will carry with me the lessons I have learned here and cherish the friendships I've built forever.

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