Kids Come First Files: Special care and a new cast for Hatch
October 24, 2019
Kids Come First Files: Special care and a new cast for Hatch

    This latest post in our Kids Come First Files blog series comes from a mom who's grateful for her son's special care.

    I wanted to take a minute of your time to share my experience with you regarding my son's visit to the orthopedic clinic last Friday, October 11th.

    My son, Hatch (Down syndrome, intellectually disabled, autism and ADHD), broke his finger at school and was put in a cast. Over the weekend he had a mishap and needed a new cast. We were at the ER at 10 p.m. on a Sunday. They needed to cut his cast off and put a new one on. This was the most traumatic experience I think we have ever had. It took 5 people to hold him down and took what felt like an eternity. 

    The anxiety over his follow-up appointment scheduled for the next week made me physically ill. I was dreading it all week. Friday came and we arrived early for our 8:20 a.m. appointment. We were there by 7:55, checked in by the most friendly staff and were quickly called back by one of the nurses. She took us to a room that they had set up just for Hatch that had color tower water lights, a nurse blowing bubbles and dimmed overhead lights. Hatch and I both immediately felt at ease. The nurses sang, danced, "shook their booties," blew bubbles and bounced a blown up exam glove back and forth with him. Hatch had his cast removed, finger examined, re-casted and we were back in the car to head home by 8:24 a.m. It brings me to tears to reflect on this day! The kindness, consideration and compassion they showed my son was overwhelming. We had the most amazing experience and I am eternally grateful for them all!

    Thank you so much to all of the wonderful staff that took part in preparing and participating in what was a phenomenal experience! They truly went above and beyond and deserve this shout out! 


    Kate - Grateful Mother of Hatch

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