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text box size 100 text box length 100 text area size 100 text area lenth 100 text area rows 10 Our experience principles provide context for how each of us should live our brand. They provide direction for the behaviors we should each strive for, to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience for our patients and their families.

Which of the experience principles did this team member demonstrate? Please provide details! 
1. Celebration of strength

From the jarring experience of a first throat culture, to the drawn-out slog of chemotherapy – our patients endure experiences that demand courage beyond their years.

Celebration of strength is about creating rituals that acknowledge those moments where a child’s inner champion shines through. It calls for us to tend to the state of their spirits, to inspire courage, to promote their will to be well and to show our admiration for the hero they are.

How did the nominee exhibit celebration of strength? 
2. A dose of fun

We know that what makes kids smile can also help them heal. Sometimes playing or dancing is the best medicine we can offer.

Administering a dose of fun means delivering an experience that families look forward to, giving parents an opportunity to shake off the stress, and patients a chance to remember what it’s like to be a kid again. 
How did the nominee exhibit a dose of fun?