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About The TEENS Program

TEENS is a 4-month, family-based lifestyle intervention for teens ages 12 to 16 years who are overweight. The program is funded by the National Institutes of Health and offered by Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU. TEENS includes weekly, virtual interactive group classes for teens and parents that cover topics including healthy eating, physical activity, and goal-setting. Teens also participate in live, online exercise sessions led by personal trainers to improve their physical fitness


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  1. To be eligible to join TEENS, your teen must:

    • Be between 12-16 years old
    • Have a body mass index (BMI) above the 85th percentile (calculate your teen's BMI percentile using the calculator)
    • Have no medical conditions that directly lead to weight gain or loss
    • Have a primary care physician
    • Receive medical clearance to participate. Clearance can be obtained from their health care provider (using this form) or the TEENS study physician.
  2. Teens must also have a motivated parent/guardian with a BMI ≥ 25 that will participate in the program with them (calculate your BMI using this calculator)

    • Parents must have medical clearance (using this form) from their health care provider in order to participate in the program
  3. Both the teen and the parent must:

    • Be able to safely perform standard exercise activities
    • Have stable internet connection and access to a device with a webcam (e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop)
    • Be comfortable participating in virtual group classes and able to understand and follow basic instructions during program sessions
    • Females m