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Michael Schechter, MD, MPH Chief of Pulmonary Medicine Asthma Researcher

Dr. Schechter The Lung Protector

Dr. Schechter is a force in the world of asthma and pulmonary medicine. That's why he's known as The Lung Protector. Dr. Schechter leads the battle against cystic fibrosis and other respiratory conditions and stands tall to help children breathe easy. He created the You Can Control Asthma Now (UCAN) program to do just that.

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Duane Williams, MD Assistant Professor Chief of Critical Care Medicine

The Man with the Moves

In critical care, every day is a gift. When one of those days involves a dance-off with your doctor in the middle of the unit, that gift lasts forever. That's what patients and parents experienced one day when Dr. D busted out the moves with a 7-year-old patient. In that moment, there were no doctors or patients, just dancers.

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India Sisler, MD Assistant Professor Medical Director of Hematology and Oncology Sickle Cell Researcher

Leader of the Pack

For kids dealing with sickle cell disease, every day requires survival skills. That's why twice a year Dr. Sisler and her team lead sickle cell patients on a camping adventure in the woods. Out there, kids learn these critical skills, build strong support teams, and make unforgettable memories. Memories that will last long after their pediatric care.

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Nancy Thompson, MS, RN, CPNP Surgical Specialist Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Educator, Encourager, Hugger

Whether kids are recovering after weight loss surgery or growing with the help of a feeding tube, postsurgical care can be confusing. Fortunately, they have a guide in life-long hug enthusiast Nancy Thompson. Nurse Nancy has a special talent for educating, radiating positivity and disarming parents, patients and doctors with a hug. Even non-huggers want a hug from Nurse Nancy.

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Jesse Bain, DO Assistant Professor Board-Certified in Critical Care Medicine

Self-Certified in Style

While Dr. Bain has invested years better understanding critical care issues such as sepsis and traumatic brain injury, his unique sense of style is just something he was born with. From his infamous "bow tie Fridays," to stepping down the hall in his "Chucks," Dr. Bain knows the value of connecting with each child to build trust, comfort and the assurance that they need to begin feeling better.

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Where Above Meets Beyond.

Here, our specialists are a little extra special.

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At Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, each of our more than 200 specialists brings a unique ability to care for kids across a wide spectrum of medical challenges. Our experts are specially trained to meet the needs of children and their families while going above and beyond to help kids feel better the second they come through the doors.

Meet a few of our extra-special specialists

Dr. Schechter »

Breathe easy, Dr. Schechter is here to save the day.

Dr. Williams »

The Man with the Moves really moves children.

Dr. Sisler »

The Leader of the Pack is always ready for an adventure.

Nurse Nancy »

A big hug is always nearby with Nurse Nancy.

Dr. Bain »

A style as unique as the man himself.

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We value our enduring partnership with pediatricians, family practitioners, pediatric and adult specialists, and other health care providers to care for the region's children. We encourage you to learn more about referring your patients to one of our many specialists.

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