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    • Long-Term Care/Transitional Care Unit

      Sometimes a child's ongoing health condition requires both medical and nursing care, and special equipment or services. In those cases, the transitional care unit provides a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment for both children and their families.

      Depending on the child's condition, levels of care can include:

      • Long-Term care – Restorative and/or skilled care provided over an extended period of time, assisting patients with activities of daily living
      • Transitional care – Care that is aimed at improving a child's health status to prepare for the transition home, to a rehab facility or to an adult long-term care setting, depending upon the patient's needs and age
      • Palliative care – Care that is intended to maximize the child's quality of life and relieve pain and other symptoms when a cure is not possible
      • End-of-life care – Care for terminal illness


      To receive services on the TCU a child must have
      ongoing health conditions that require both medical and nursing supervision, as well as specialized equipment or services. Children can be admitted through transfer from a facility or directly from home.

      At a minimum, a child must require:

      • At least weekly physician visits
      • Coordinated multidisciplinary care
      • Licensed nursing services 24 hours a day

      In addition, a child must need at least one of the following:

      • Care for a terminal illness
      • Daily respiratory therapy treatments from a licensed nurse or respiratory therapist
      • One and a half to three hours per day of PT, OT and/or speech-language pathology
      • Ostomy care to be provided by a licensed nurse
      • Extensive wound care
      • Special equipment such as mechanical ventilator or cardio-respiratory monitoring

      (Note: therapy must be provided at least 1.5 hours per day, five days per week. The child must demonstrate progress with the overall plan of care on a monthly basis)

      Neighborhood care team

      The TCU has two neighborhoods that provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive care designed specifically for children and their families.

      An interdisciplinary team of pediatric health care providers is available to each child. The attending physician directs clinical care and leads the team. In addition, the team typically includes nursing, respiratory therapy, recreation therapy, social work, pastoral care, nutrition, and physical, occupational and speech therapy.

      Family-centered care

      TCU team members focus on the needs of the family, creating a supportive and comfortable environment. The staff works with each child's family to coordinate care that promotes collaboration, planning and education. Additionally, families are involved through a newsletter, family care conferences, family dinners and periodic "family fun" days. The Ronald McDonald House and The Doorways are available for family members who need overnight lodging.

      Specialized services

      Depending on the child's condition, additional related services are available, including:

      • Assistive technology
      • Certified rehabilitation nursing
      • Chaplain
      • Clinical laboratory services
      • Education (special education teachers on site)
      • Feeding program
      • Motion analysis
      • Nutrition services
      • Occupational, physical and speech therapy
      • Pediatrician and physiatrist on staff
      • Physician specialist services
      • Psychology and neuropsychology
      • Radiology
      • Respiratory therapy (24-hour in house)
      • Skilled nursing care
      • Therapeutic recreation

      More information

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      Virtual tour: Transitional Care Unit

      Referrals and location

      For information on referring a child to the transitional care unit, call the admissions coordinator at (804) 228-5979 or e-mail.

      Services are provided on the Brook Road Campus.

      ›› Meet the team

      A physician specialist directs the team, which typically includes nursing, respiratory therapy, recreation therapy, social work, pastoral care, nutrition and physical, occupational and speech therapy.

      This program is not accredited by The Joint Commission. It is surveyed by the Department of Health, Long Term Care Division.

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