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      Are you concerned about your teen's weight and fitness?

      Our team can help!

      TEENS STRIVE is a multidisciplinary healthy lifestyle intervention for teens with obesity that includes personal exercise training, nutrition education and behavior coaching.


      About the program

      TEENS STRIVE is a 3-month lifestyle intervention for teens ages 12 to 16 years with obesity. The program includes weekly individual behavioral weight management visits for teens that cover topics including healthy eating and goal setting. STRIVE participants will also participate in an exercise training program. Teens will visit the program's dedicated gym facilities three times a week where they will work with personal trainers to improve their fitness.


      1. To be eligible to participate in TEENS STRIVE, your teen must:
        • Be between 12 and 16 years old
        • Have a body mass index (BMI) at or above the 95th percentile (calculate your teen's BMI percentile using the calculator)
        • Have no medical conditions that directly lead to weight loss or weight gain
        • Not be on medications that affect blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol
        • Have a primary care physician
        • Be able to safely perform standard exercise activities
        • Be comfortable participating in one-on-one sessions with a coach and be able to understand and follow basic instructions during program sessions
        • Females must not be pregnant

      2. Teens must also have a motivated parent or guardian who is willing to attend weekly visits.
      3. Families must live within a 30-mile radius of the program.


      Q: What will we do in the program?

      • Teens will exercise at the program gym with personal trainers 3 days a week. Teens will be randomly assigned to one of two specific types of exercise training at their first gym visit.
      • Teens will complete assessments including questionnaires, nutrition assessments, body measurements, lab work and fitness testing at certain time points of the program to monitor their progress.
      • Teens will participate in weekly individual sessions with a behavior coach or dietitian; parents will join their teen and coach for a portion of the weekly visits to learn about supporting their teen's efforts.
      • Teens will keep a daily log of their food and exercise during the program.
      • Parents will have also their height and weight measured, complete questionnaires and wear an activity monitor for 7 days at the beginning and end of the program.
      • Most STRIVE activities occur in the afternoon or evening, with the exception of 3 medical visits that occur in the morning.

      Q: How long is the program?

      • The program is 3 months long, with a follow-up visit 1 month after your teen completes the program to see how they are doing.

      Q: What will I receive for participating?

      • You and your teen will receive valuable education and practical ideas about how to improve your teen's health. Your family will also receive $40 for completing the assessment visit at 3 months, and $50 for returning for the assessment visit at 4 months.

      Q: How much does it cost to participate?

      • STRIVE is a free program! All the information, training, and testing that you and your teen receive will be provided free of charge.
      • Participants will be expected to provide their own transportation to and from program activities.

      Q: Will I have to take any medications or pills in this program?

      • No. STRIVE is a lifestyle treatment program, meaning your teen will make changes to their eating and physical activity to improve their fitness and overall health - medications will not be used in this study.

      Q: How do I sign up?

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