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      Because of the rigor of the training and certification process, families can rest assured that surgeries and care performed by a Board Certified pediatric neurosurgeon will result in the highest caliber treatment.

      Becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon requires years of schooling and intensive training. Neurosurgeons in North America start by completing undergraduate college then medical school followed by a seven year residency training required for general neurosurgery and two phases of neurosurgical written examinations. The American Board of Neurological Surgeons then analyzes one year's worth of the candidate's operative outcomes and, if found acceptable, the surgeon undergoes an extensive oral examination process. Completion of those steps leads to the first Board Certification as a general neurosurgeon.

      To work in pediatrics, the doctor then undertakes one additional year of fellowship training in the subspecialty of pediatric neurosurgery at an approved training program. After completion, their operative outcomes of neurosurgeries performed on children will be reviewed. If they are found acceptable they take another written examination. After the successful completion of these steps the neurosurgeon will receive the designation of Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Neurological Surgeons. To maintain this designation, the pediatric neurosurgeon must concentrate at least 75 percent of their practice on the care of children and pass recertification examinations every ten years.

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