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      Imaging procedures help us make an accurate diagnosis and are often an important part of your child's treatment plan. All of our pediatric radiologists have subspecialty pediatric training, which means our team is led by physicians with additional tailored training to perform and interpret imaging for children. They use their kid-friendly expertise to do the most appropriate imaging safely and precisely.

      Care for kids and families

      Our knowledgeable team focuses on children and understands the unique characteristics of growing bodies. Though we try to avoid sedation if possible, when patients do require anesthesia parents can rest assured that their child is in expert hands. Our dedicated pediatric anesthesiologists also have advanced and specialized medical training in caring for infants and children.

      MRI with kidWith large, unusual machines and noises, we know getting an x-ray or MRI can be scary for kids. Our team takes special measures to calm children's nerves and make them comfortable. From super hero capes to a mini MRI scanner that makes noises just like the real thing, we help kids understand what to expect and prepare to conquer their imaging procedure.

      Families wait in a room close by and are kept informed throughout the procedure. In studies requiring sedation, the physician regularly reviews the images while the child is still in the procedure room to ensure that all appropriate images have been obtained and urgent decisions can be made if needed.

      Providing these services in a building built for kids has many advantages as well. Families can park on-site and find comfort in the bright, cheerful and family-centered environment.

      Specialized services and procedures

      Our pediatric radiologists and technologists use the latest equipment in all modalities, including:

      • CT
      • EOS imaging
      • MRI
      • Fluoroscopy
      • Sonography
      • X-ray

      They also conduct fetal MRIs during pregnancy to provide information about an unborn baby's brain, chest and other essential body parts that may not be accurately assessed with ultrasound alone.

      The team uses specific pediatric protocols, special studies designed just for kids, with the goal of being as quick, quiet and precise as possible. Our physicians work closely with the equipment manufacturers and application programmers, staying on the leading edge of technology and customizing tools for the best care for kids.

      3T MRI

      The Children's Pavilion is now home to the only dedicated pediatric 3 tesla (3T) MRI in Central Virginia. A 3T MRI unit is approximately twice as powerful as a standard 1.5 tesla (1.5T) MRI unit. This powerful magnet technology provides extremely clear, high-resolution images of the inside of the body, making it one of the most sensitive studies available to detect subtle abnormalities. This additional power is particularly helpful when imaging the brain, spine and joints, allowing your child's doctor to see things that may not be as clearly visible on a 1.5T MRI unit.

      MRI Suite

      MRI suite with hot air balloon theme. Photo credit: Dream, Think, Imagine Inc.

      Thanks to Children's Hospital Foundation, our MRI suite is equipped with special high-tech goggles that allow children to watch movies as they are being scanned. This helps them pass the time more enjoyably, and further minimizes our use of sedation. They can even bring their favorite movies from home!

      Many families find it helpful to view this video so they know what to expect before coming in for the MRI.

      Computed Tomography (CT)

      Our team also uses a state-of-the-art FLASH CT scanner. The unit scans very quickly (within seconds), negating the need for sedation in the majority of patients. Special pediatric protocols help in minimizing the amount of radiation used for each study. Many of these protocols incorporate special software that creates a patient-specific radiation plan based on the child's size and shape.

      CT Suite

      CT suite with underwater theme. Photo credit: Dream, Think, Imagine Inc.

      EOS imaging

      EOS imaging is a new technology that reduces a child's exposure to radiation by approximately 50 percent while also allowing 3D imaging of the entire body in under 20 seconds. The technology reduces the number of images taken and the length of time patients spend in radiology and is an example of our commitment to technology and techniques that improve patient safety and experience. We offer EOS for the spine and lower body.


      The Children's Pavilion has two ultrasound rooms which are regularly staffed by dedicated pediatric ultrasonographers.

      Fluoroscopy and x-ray

      Fluoroscopy and x-ray services are also available.

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