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    • Psychology Services (Brook Road)

      Licensed clinical psychologists on our Brook Road Campus specialize in child psychology and neuropsychology. They work closely with under 17 and their families

      Psychologists provide individual and family therapy, behavioral consultation and a variety of evaluations, for hospitalized patients and through outpatient referrals.

      Psychological Evaluations and Therapy

      Initial evaluation and therapy deal with issues such as:

      • Adjustment to loss
      • Anxiety
      • Compliance with therapy and treatment programs
      • Coping with medical conditions
      • Depression
      • Management of behavior problems

      Therapy helps children develop coping and problem-solving skills, appropriate emotional expression and family communication and interaction, while families are guided in handling behaviors. Testing may be used to guide treatment.

      Neuropsychological Evaluation

      After a neurological illness or injury, a licensed clinical psychologist provides a neuropsychological evaluation, which may require 3 or 4 appointments.

      Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, testing and therapy are often covered by health insurance plans.

      Psychoeducational Evaluation

      These independent evaluations assess learning and developmental concerns, and clarify the child's intellectual abilities, learning style and academic skills. A typical evaluation includes:

      • Clinical interview
      • Testing
      • Feedback meeting
      • Written report with recommendations for learning and academic success

      These evaluations are often not covered by insurance. Fees vary and are determined by the evaluating psychologist after the initial clinical interview.

      Appointments and Location

      Families are asked to complete an intake packet – including information on the child's health history, strengths, difficulties, educational reports and past evaluations – and return it to before scheduling an initial appointment.

      To receive a packet or to make a referral, call 804-228-5818.

      Services are provided on the Brook Road Campus.

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