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    Poison Center

    The Virginia Poison Center at VCU is an emergency telephone resource of poisoning information for both the public and healthcare professionals.

    Emergency phone lines are staffed by specially trained registered nurses knowledgeable about toxic substances and treatment for individuals exposed to potential poisons. Their expert assistance is available free 24 hours a day.

    Expert Services

    Poison Center activities include:

    • 24-hour advice and information by phone
    • 24-hour resource for physicians and other health care professionals treating patients exposed to toxins
    • Data collection and analysis on toxic exposures
    • Direct patient care from clinical toxicologists through emergency room or phone consultation for:
      • Accidental poisonings
      • Drug overdose
    • Participation in homeland security and other public safety initiatives
    • Public education to prevent unintentional poisonings
    • Training of healthcare professionals in clinical toxicology


    To reach a Virginia Poison Center expert, call (800) 222-1222.

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