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      When your child must have surgery, your reassurance and support help calm any fears. The perioperative unit at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU provides a caring atmosphere where parents can be with their children before and after surgery.

      The 7-room suite is dedicated to children's surgical care, for both general surgery and specialty procedures. The unit is centrally located to accommodate both inpatient and outpatient procedures, including sedation and anesthesia. Family members stay in one location throughout the surgery, with a waiting area close by and space to be at the bedside during your child's recovery.

      Our specially trained perioperative nurses care for your child's medical needs during this time, and provide comfort, reassurance and support.

      Comforting Your Child

      You can support your child facing surgery in the following ways:

      • Be calm and reassuring when discussing a surgery
      • Consider your child's age and personality to decide when and how much to share
      • Encourage questions and provide answers so your child knows what to expect
      • Help your child choose items to bring to the hospital

      Favorite toys or other items can help a child's hospital room feel more like home. Things to bring from home may include:

      • Blanket
      • Books
      • Craft items like crayons or stickers
      • Hand-held electronic device
      • Pajamas
      • Pillow
      • Small cars or trucks
      • Stuffed animals


      Services are provided at the Gateway Building, 5th floor.

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