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    • Occupational Therapy

      If your child has a developmental, neurological or other condition that has caused disability, the most basic tasks of everyday living may become complicated or even impossible.

      The specialized occupational therapists at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU help your child learn or relearn the skills of daily life, by performing a comprehensive evaluation and developing a personalized treatment plan that's unique to your child's needs.

      Rehabilitation Services

      Children's needs are as individual as they are, and our therapists focus on the skills and tasks each child must master to gain or regain maximum functional ability. Skills and services include:

      • Assistive technology – adaptive equipment, orthotics, communication devices, adapted computers. Read more.
      • Cognitive skills – therapy to improve sequencing, logic, short- and long-term memory through task analysis, adapting the environment and educating the family.
      • Daily living skills – assistance with feeding, dressing, hygiene and bathing; determining special equipment needs; assessing behavioral issues related to eating.
      • Fine motor skills – assistance in developing strength and dexterity to use the hands to reach, grasp and release; related perceptual and sensory processing skills; family education.
      • Gross motor skills – therapeutic exercise; muscle re-education and strengthening; balance and coordination; strength, mobility and range of motion with use of hands.
      • Interactive Metronome assessment and training – computer-powered technology to improve motor planning, timing, concentration and sequencing.
      • Sensory processing – sensory-based therapy activities to build up a child's ability to receive, organize and process information from one or all of the senses.
      • Social skills – incorporating activities to develop social skills into therapy sessions; communication and language skills; family education.
      • Visual/perceptual skills – improving eye-hand, eye-foot, eye-mouth coordination through modified play and learning activities.

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      This program is accredited by The Joint Commission as part of an ambulatory survey process.

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