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      Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU's Neonatal Continuing Care Program (NCCP) is dedicated to the health, learning and development of NICU graduates.

      Who should participate?

      The NCCP provides comprehensive services to children cared for in NICUs across Central Virginia. The clinic accepts patients who:

      • Were born before 32 weeks of pregnancy
      • Were at risk late preterm infants (34-36 weeks)
      • Were small for gestational age (SGA)
      • Had pulmonary hypertension severe enough to require nitric oxide or ECMO
      • Had seizures, hypoxic encephalopathy, or meningitis
      • Had an intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) or PVL (brain cysts)
      • Are at risk for requiring developmental clinic

      What are the benefits of neonatal follow-up care?

      Babies who required hospitalization in the NICU and have any of the conditions listed above may have a higher chance of later health, growth and developmental problems. Finding these problems early can allow for early treatment to help build a healthy future.

      Many of these problems can be improved with treatment, such as physical therapy, medications or special diets.

      What Does the Follow-Up Team Do for Infants?

      The multidisciplinary NICU follow-up team includes a neonatologist, developmental specialist, psychologist, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, dietitian and other team members who help children grow and develop to their highest potential while working closely with primary care physicians.
      Members of the NICU follow-up team will:

      • Examine the child
      • Review current progress
      • Make recommendations for promoting growth and development
      • Recommend additional specialty care as needed
      • Test language and physical development
      • Show you activities that help with development
      • Make referrals to Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia if needed (for physical, occupational, or speech therapy that can take place in the family's home)
      • Talk about feeding habits
      • Make referrals to a specialty feeding program if needed

      Appointments and Location

      (804) 628-1226
      Children's Pavilion - Level 4, Pod E

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