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    Inpatient Programs

    VTCC provides 24-hour acute care for children and adolescents in a supportive environment. VTCC has 24 beds, including two units with 12 private rooms each. Patient amenities include a full size gymnasium, outdoor courtyard with play equipment and recreation activity areas.

    The short-term acute care inpatient program seeks to stabilize children and adolescents and then transition them back home with mental health care support within their community. A typical inpatient stay ranges from 5-7 days. 

    Acute care program services include:

    • Crisis stabilization, assessment and diagnosis by a multidisciplinary team
    • Educational services
    • Individual, group and family psychotherapy
    • Medication assessment and management
    • Medical management and psychiatric services
    • Nutritional services including meeting special dietary needs by working with a registered dietitian
    • Occupational therapy when clinically indicated
    • Pet therapy
    • Recreational therapy
    • School services

    What to Expect

    Inpatient services at VTCC are designed to meet the unique needs of each patient and family. This includes:

    • A collaborative problem-solving approach
    • Trauma-informed care to help children and families with the complex effects of trauma (separation, homelessness, violence, sexual abuse, etc.) 
    • Child psychiatrists who get to know each child
    • On-site pharmacist who works with the physicians to manage medications
    • The ability for a parent/guardian to stay with their child during hospitalization
    • Flexible visiting hours for families and loved ones
    • Parent/guardian participation throughout treatment (including ability to spend the night)

    Inpatient Psychiatric Evaluation Programs

    When a child's behavior is not so extreme that it meets the criteria for acute care but still requires a medically safe and secure environment, the child may be admitted for an evaluation.

    A standard evaluation:

    • Focuses on several clinical issues
    • Includes specific assessments as needed, i.e., psychological testing, or occupational and educational assessments
    • Is a 30-day assessment at most
    • Is ideal when there is a history of multiple hospitalizations without symptom relief, or
    • Is intended for the child who requires extended observation
    • Provides a trial of treatment

    A brief evaluation:

    • Addresses a focused clinical question, usually for a chronic crisis
    • Is a maximum 15-day assessment

    Each evaluation includes a detailed nursing assessment and a full psychiatric evaluation to establish a medical diagnosis.

    The treatment team for both types of assessments includes:

    • Behavioral counselors
    • Board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist
    • Clinical social workers
    • Dietitians
    • Psychologists
    • Psychiatric registered nurses
    • Special educators
    • Therapists – occupational, art, music and recreational

    School Program

    VTCC's school program provides academic instruction for children admitted to our inpatient programs, through funding from the Virginia State Department of Education.  It operates on a public school calendar with a limited summer program late June through August.

    The curriculum for each grade level is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning, but is individualized for each student and accommodates individual educational plans (IEP) and Section 504 plans.

    Teachers are licensed and certified in special education with endorsements in emotional disturbance or learning disabilities. 

    Spending the Night

    Being in the hospital can be frightening for a child. We encourage parents/guardians to be present at VTCC as much as possible during their child's hospitalization. When clinically appropriate, we will allow a parent/guardian to spend the night with their child. 


    Parents/guardians are allowed to visit at any time. Scheduled visitation hours are available for other visitors and vary by patient. Please check with your child's nurse for more information. 

    • All adult visitors are required to sign in and out with the receptionist and provide a picture ID.
    • Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


    Meals and a la carte foods are served in a dedicated cafeteria; parents/guardians are welcome to eat with their child. There is a charge for parent/guardian meals.

    Contact and Location

    A child must be referred to VTCC's inpatient program by a licensed clinical professional. Admission is available around the clock.


    Virginia Treatment Center for Children
    515 North 10th Street
    Richmond, Virginia 23219


    Parents/guardians and visitors may park in the dedicated VTCC parking spaces or use street parking. Additional parking is available in the Patient and Visitor deck.

    Virginia Treatment Center for Children is a hospital inpatient and outpatient facility of the VCU Medical Center.


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