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    • Healthy Lifestyles Clinic

      Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU's (CHoR) Healthy Lifestyles Clinic (HLC) offers comprehensive outpatient treatment for children, adolescents, and their families. The clinic team includes:

      • Dietitians
      • Exercise physiologists
      • Nurses
      • Pediatric specialists
      • Psychiatrists
      • Psychologists

      The team works with families to identify and modify behavioral (e.g., exercise) and psychological (e.g., stress) factors that contribute to obesity. A behavioral treatment approach is used to promote eating and exercise habits that can last a lifetime.

      Referral Process/Clinic Experience

      • Patient obtains a referral from their pediatrician.
      • HLC receives the referral.
      • HLC physician completes a medical history, physical examination and schedules fasting laboratory tests.
      • Additional medical tests may be necessary to rule out other health problems (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) and insure it is safe for the patient to initiate weight management treatment at the HLC.
      • Family completes lab testing and new patient paperwork prior to their next visit.
      • Family meets with the clinic's dietitian and health psychologist, often on the same day. The dietitian reviews the family's eating behaviors and helps the patient and family determine areas for improvement. The psychologist will explore behavioral and psychological factors that may impact weight management efforts. Families will learn behavioral strategies to begin making realistic and sustainable changes to eating and exercise behaviors.
      • Family and clinic team create a personalized weight management plan. The plan includes follow-up visits with the psychologist, dietitian, and physician. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled until goals are reached. Patients will be reassessed by the physician approximately every three months.
      • Families will also have the opportunity to participate in optional weight loss research studies if they qualify.

      Eating Disorder Clinic

      The HLC's outpatient eating disorder clinic provides patients and families with a comprehensive evaluation with the treatment team. Patients and families collaborate with the team to develop a treatment plan to address disordered eating behaviors. Treatment often includes individual psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, family psychotherapy, and medical consultation. The clinic's focus is on helping children, adolescents and their families develop healthier thoughts and behaviors related to eating, exercise and body image.

      Exercise Services

      The HLC offers personal exercise training and comprehensive physical fitness assessments for children and adolescents in a safe and encouraging environment. Medical clearance by one of CHoR's HLC medical providers is required prior to participation in exercise services.

      Weight Loss Surgery Assessments

      Surgery may be considered as an obesity treatment option, along with ongoing lifestyle changes, for carefully selected older adolescents with severe weight gain who meet established criteria. The HLC offers several weight loss procedures as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.


      Co-pays will be collected at the time of service. Patients will often see more than one provider during their visit so more than one co-pay might be collected. Pre-authorizations from insurance carriers will be completed for visits with the psychologist and dietitian. Families should check with their insurance carrier prior to clinic visits if they are unfamiliar with their covered benefits. An out-of-pocket fee ($35 per session - for up to four sessions) for medical nutrition therapy will be charged at the time of service if a child doesn't have insurance or if the insurance carrier does not cover this service. Exercise services are out-of-pocket and not billed to insurance.

      Appointments and Location

      Healthy Lifestyles Center
      Pembrooke Office Park
      2303 North Parham Road, Suite 1
      Henrico, VA 23229

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