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    Family-Centered Care FAQs

    Do I have to participate in family-centered rounds?
    Family participation in family-centered rounds is completely optional. The family's choice to participate will not affect the care provided.

    How will my child's confidentiality be protected if he/she is in a semi-private room?
    Typically, family-centered rounds are conducted at the bedside. If you are uncomfortable discussing information about your child in a semi-private room, request that the discussion take place outside of your child's room or ask to speak with the doctor at a later time.

    What if I have additional questions about my child's plan of care after family-centered rounds?
    Your health care team understands that having a child in the hospital is stressful. Write down your questions or concerns to discuss with your child's health care providers during family-centered rounds. A doctor on your child's team is always available to address additional questions or concerns that require immediate or more detailed attention.

    How do I let my child's health care team know that I would like to participate in family-centered rounds?
    Indicate your desire to participate in family-centered rounds by completing a preference card. You can change the information at any time during your child's hospital stay.

    If I cannot be here for family-centered rounds, how can I be included?
    If you cannot be at the hospital during family-centered rounds but would like to participate, talk with your child's doctor and other arrangements will be made.

    Using the white board for family-centered rounds.
    White boards are used in patient rooms to provide information about a patient's caregivers and plan for the day. The white boards should also be used as a tool for patients and families to record questions or concerns they would like to discuss during rounds.

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