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      We offer comprehensive fitness assessments, personal exercise training and group exercise classes for children and adolescents in a safe and encouraging environment.

      Personal training services: $40/hour

      Hour-long personal training sessions are provided by certified personal trainers at the HLC gym. A typical training session will include warm-up/cool-down, moderate and vigorous cardio activities and strength training.

      Personal trainers will supervise all gym activities and work with each individual to develop a plan for activities outside of the HLC gym. Barriers to exercise will be evaluated on a regular basis to encourage continued exercise participation.

      Individuals must undergo an HLC standard or premium physical fitness assessment prior to scheduling personal training services.

      Physical fitness assessment packages

      The first step to developing a safe, appropriate exercise program is to undergo an initial fitness assessment. This initial assessment gathers several measurements which are then used to develop a personalized, effective exercise plan to improve fitness and help meet health-related goals. Future assessments can provide information on progress and how close participants are to reaching goals.

      Premium fitness assessment: $150

      This maximal assessment requires walking on a treadmill at increasing speeds and elevations until no longer able or willing to maintain the required work rate. Information obtained during this assessment is used to calculate the maximal amount of oxygen that can be consumed by the individual, considered the VO2max.

      Standard fitness assessment: $50

      This submaximal assessment is performed on a stationary bicycle with intensity increases at regular intervals. How

      an individual's heart rate responds to each workload allows exercise specialists to provide an estimate of VO2max.

      Group exercise classes

      Intro to exercise: $15

      This 90-minute class will provide education about the fundamentals of creating and engaging in an exercise program. Instructors will educate participants on various types of aerobic training, basic strength exercise techniques and how to effectively work out at different exercise intensities. Information will also be provided about how to safely engage in exercise on a regular basis. At the end of the class, exercise specialists will assist participants in creating an individualized exercise plan to implement on their own.

      Eight-week group exercise program: $96

      This program will meet for 60 minutes once a week for eight weeks. Each week will focus on different styles of exercise. Workouts will challenge the heart, lungs and all major muscle groups for an awesome full-body workout. Classes are formatted to cater to all fitness levels and individuals are encouraged to exercise at their own pace and ability.

      Medical clearance

      Medical clearance by a CHoR provider is required prior to participation in any exercise services. Participants should speak with their doctor to make sure the exercise program is appropriate for them.

      Appointments and important information

      (804) 527-4759

      Please arrive at the HLC gym 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. Wear comfortable clothes and walking/running shoes.

      Payment is required at the time of service. We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards for exercise-related services. These services are not covered by medical insurance.

      Make physical activity fun! 

      Knowing the amount of physical activity recommended for a healthy lifestyle can help your family reach important goals for fitness and overall health.

      Download more information on physical activity and exercise.

      Download work out combo sheet. No gym equipment? No problem! Check out these workout combos from the Healthy Lifestyles Center (HLC) exercise team. Watch the video below to see the exercises demonstrated by HLC participants.

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