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      Your child's oral health begins before their first tooth erupts. Even at a very young age, our pediatric dentists can begin to monitor your developing child's dental care.

      We focus on the oral health of your growing child and how it affects overall health. Our attention to regular evaluations, education and treatment – for both normal, healthy children and those with complex or special needs – assures a healthy start to a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

      Full range of dental services

      Our network of specialty colleagues throughout Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU enables us to provide for each child's unique needs.

      Our pediatric dentists have specialized training in treating the dental needs of all children from birth to age 21.

      • Bedside dentistry for hospitalized patients
      • Care for dental anxiety, with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
      • Child-sized chairs and child-friendly equipment
      • Comfortable, safe, child-friendly environment
      • Complex procedures, including dental treatment with sedation and anesthesia
      • Dental treatment with general anesthesia in a hospital setting
      • Pediatric dentist on call 24 hours a day on the MCV Campus to address your child's dental emergency through CHoR's pediatric emergency room
      • Family education on preventive dental care, sealants and tooth-colored fillings
      • Fluoride varnish in the pediatric primary care setting on the MCV Campus
      • Infant oral health care, the age-1-dental-visit and Head Start dental exams
      • Patient management with child-friendly "Tell-Show-Do"
      • Private "quiet rooms"

      Compassionate care for children with special needs

      Children with special needs are often unable to tolerate a routine dental visit. They may require treatment under general anesthesia for a comprehensive oral examination and a full-mouth series of X rays to diagnose any dental pathology.

      Other prevalent reasons for treatment under general anesthesia for children with special needs include:

      • Corrective procedures for children with severe wear of their teeth due to grinding or clenching (bruxism).
      • Dental decay from ingesting high-calorie substances required for feeding problems, which promote tooth decay.
      • Extraction to allow permanent teeth to erupt when it does not occur naturally.
      • Fractured teeth resulting from falls, requiring fillings or extractions.
      • Scaling of the teeth or gum surgery to correct overgrown gums.
      • Scaling of the teeth to remove tarter build up.
      • Severe anxiety or an inability to cooperate due to age, compromised health, special needs or extensive dental needs.

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