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    Dental Operating Room Services for Children with Special Needs

    Children with special needs are often unable to tolerate a routine dental visit. They may require treatment under general anesthesia for a comprehensive oral examination and a full-mouth series of X rays to diagnose any dental pathology.

    Other prevalent reasons for treatment under general anesthesia for children with special needs include:

    • Corrective procedures for children with severe wear of their teeth due to grinding or clenching (bruxism).
    • Dental decay from ingesting high-calorie substances required for feeding problems, which promote tooth decay.
    • Extraction to allow permanent teeth to erupt when it does not occur naturally.
    • Fractured teeth resulting from falls, requiring fillings or extractions.
    • Scaling of the teeth or gum surgery to correct overgrown gums.
    • Scaling of the teeth to remove tarter build up.
    • Severe anxiety or an inability to cooperate due to age, compromised health, special needs or extensive dental needs.

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