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    ›› Video: CHoR patient, Dylan, hears clearly for the first time.

    Watch CHoR patient, Dylan, as he giggles and hears for the first time!

    Children with varying degrees of hearing loss - from mild to severe - are living healthy, normal lives with the care and support of the highly trained audiologists at the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.


    Our pediatric audiologists evaluate the hearing and listening skills of infants, children and adolescents, conducting their testing in a family-centered environment that inspires confidence and trust. You and your child will receive a customized treatment plan that will give you guidance and recommendations on the appropriate care for your child's hearing loss.

    Diagnostic Services

    Auditory brain stem response

    • Auditory processing evaluations of listening skills of school-age children
    • Bone anchored hearing aid evaluations for surgical and soft band fittings
    • Hearing aid evaluations, specializing in fitting infants and toddlers
    • Newborn hearing screening follow-up*
    • Pediatric hearing evaluations
    • Unilateral hearing loss monitoring and management

    *Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU is an approved provider for the Virginia Department of Health Newborn Hearing Screening Program.

    Habilitative Services

    Your child's individualized treatment plan will include:

    • Classroom strategies
    • Community resource information including Early Intervention/Infant Services
    • Counseling for your child and the family
    • Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth technology
    • FM trainers for home and school use
    • Loaner hearing aids

    Appointments and Locations

    Children's Pavilion - Level 4 (804) 828-0431

    Stony Point Surgery Center (804) 828-0431

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