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      TeenagersAdolescence is a time of rapid and complex physical, intellectual,emotional, and social development. It is a critical phase in life as young people mature from childhood, when they are dependent on parents and other adults, to young adulthood when they are expected to make decisions and be responsible for themselves.

      Adolescents have many concerns about their changing bodies, changing moods, and changing interactions with others. They have concerns about what is normal and what they should expect as they continue to mature. They engage in behaviors that may present risks to their health and safety. Parents also have concerns about what to expect of their adolescent children, what is normal and how they can be kept safe and healthy.

      Comprehensive Care

      Adolescent medicine includes doctors with special training in caring for adolescents, ages 12 to 22. Adolescent medicine specialists care for a wide range of needs including:

      Acute medical problems

      • Gastrointestinal – abdominal pain, vomiting, bowel changes
      • Neurological – headaches, dizziness, fatigue
      • Respiratory – colds, sore throats, chest pain

      Behavioral concerns

      • Alcohol, tobacco or other drug use
      • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – evaluation, referral and treatment

      Chronic medical problems

      • Gastrointestinal – constipation, chronic abdominal pain
      • Neurological – chronic headaches
      • Nutritional – weight problems
      • Respiratory – asthma, seasonal allergies

      Health assessments

      • Camp physicals, college physicals, routine annual exams, sports physicals
      • Immunizations

      Minor injuries

      Menstrual problems

      • Irregular periods, menstrual cramps

      Musculoskeletal problems

      • Back, limb or joint pain

      Sexuality concerns

      • Birth control, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing and treatment or referral
      • Care for LGBQ and transgender youth

      Skin problems

      • Acne, eczema, skin infections

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      Children's Pavilion - Level 4, Pod G
      VCU Health at Mayland Court

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