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Specialty: Neonatal Continuing Care Program


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Karen Hendricks-Munoz, MD, MPH

Karen Hendricks-Munoz, MD, MPH

Professor and chief
Inaugural William Tate Graham Professor of Neonatal Medicine
Neonatal Continuing Care Program, Neonatal Medicine

Areas of Interest: Neonatalintensive care, Pulmonary disease, Neurodevelopmental outcomes, Developmental care, Family-centered care,

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Tazuddin "Taj" A. Mohammed, MD

Tazuddin "Taj" A. Mohammed, MD

Assistant Professor
Medical Director, NICU Follow-Up Clinic
Neonatal Continuing Care Program, Neonatal Medicine

Areas of Interest: Innovative technology in the NICU, Respiratory care, Neurodevelopmental outcomes

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Alyssa Ward, PhD, LCP

Alyssa Ward, PhD, LCP

Assistant professor
Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Neonatal Continuing Care Program

Appointments: (804) 828-CHOR (2467)

Areas of Interest: Cognitive behavioral therapy for children, adolescents and families, Adaptation to chronic pediatric health conditions, Evidence-Based Practice implementation, Teaching/training in Evidence-Based Practices (EBP),

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