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    Promote Healthy Lifestyles

    Did you know...More than 30% of children in Virginia are overweight or obese.

    9-5-2-1-0: Tipping the Scales for Better Health

    Promote healthy weight and overall good health for children.

    9 - Get at least nine hours of sleep per day
    Research shows that not getting enough sleep can lead to childhood obesity. Teens should get at least nine hours per night, and younger children should get more.

    5 - Aim for five servings of fruits/vegetables per day

    Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables per day promotes good health and may also reduce the number of unhealthy foods that you eat.

    2 - Limit recreational screen time to two hours per day
    "Screen time" refers to the amount of time spent watching TV and using computers or handheld devices. Research has linked screen time to obesity. Time spent in front of a screen is time spent not being physically active. Time in front of the TV can also increase mindless snacking.

    1 - Get at least one hour of physical activity per day
    Physical activity has many health benefits and most kids don't get enough.

    0 - Eliminate sugar-added beverages
    Children often drink too many sugar-added beverages like soda, sweet tea, sports drinks, Kool-Aid and juice. The added sugar and calories in these drinks can cause health problems.

    Concerned about your child's weight?

    Ask the doctor for information, resources, and CHoR programs that can help you help your family. Obesity can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and clogged arteries – which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Help prevent obesity and other weight related conditions in your family by promoting healthy lifestyles.


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