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      In-office circumcision

      We offer several options for circumcision of infants up to 12 weeks of age in our outpatient offices.

      If you are considering circumcision for your baby post newborn hospital stay, it is important that you contact us to discuss the procedure as soon as possible after leaving the hospital.

      Consider calling for this initial phone consultation at the same time you schedule your baby's first checkup with the pediatrician. This will help to ensure that we are able to schedule the circumcision while the child is still in the newborn period.

      Initial phone consultation: 804-272-2411

      Scheduling a circumcision

      During our initial phone conversation, we will gather important information such as the child's due date, date of birth and birth weight, along with reasons he was not a candidate for circumcision in the hospital. Please have this information available when you call.

      Based on these details and any other preferences you may have, we will determine which physician best fits the child's needs. Please allow three business days after our initial phone conversation for this process. Once the physician is identified, we will call you to discuss next steps and instructions, including scheduling the procedure. We may also schedule an in-office consultation prior to the procedure if appropriate.

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