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      Early psychological and sensory input is essential for your baby's development. Massaging your child early in life can improve your parenting skills and promote baby's well-being.

      Infant massage encourages bonding through eye-to-eye contact, smiling, soothing vocal sounds, loving touch, caressing, smell and mutual interaction. Studies show that massage can increase your feeling of attachment as well as your desire to nurture and care for your baby.

      Benefits for baby

      • Creates a loving, intimate communication
      • Enhances bonding and attachment
      • Promotes social, emotional and cognitive development
      • Helps baby relax and releases tensions of daily stimuli
      • Decreases irritability and excessive crying
      • Reduces gas, colic and intestinal difficulties
      • Regulates behavioral states and promotes sleep
      • Strengthens and regulates respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature, digestive and endocrine systems

      Benefits for parents

      • Promotes better understanding of infant's cues
      • Enhances communication and emotional ties
      • Increases confidence and handling skills
      • Provides quality one-on-one interaction
      • Helps parents to unwind and relax
      • Increases direct eye contact with baby
      • Gives parents a special time to connect and bond

      Benefits for premature babies

      • May facilitate weight gain in preterm newborns
      • Can reduce stress hormones
      • Often counterbalances pain responses
      • May promote more mature motor behavior
      • Can improve immune function
      • May improve gastrointestinal movement
      • May reduce length of hospital stay

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