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    • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery - Gastrostomy

      Principle of ERAS

      • ERAS protocol stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
      • Key principles of the ERAS protocol include: perioperative counseling, nutrition, minimizing perioperative fasting, standardized anesthetic and analgesic regimen focusing on non-opioid medications and early mobilization.
      • This section is designed to focus on the perioperative counseling portion of the ERAS protocol related to a gastrostomy tube.
      • We believe that by following this principle, we will be able to decrease anxiety levels surrounding surgery, educate parents on how to take care of their children better after surgery, decrease postoperative complications, reduce length of stay in the hospital and ultimately increase patient satisfaction.

      Your team

      Your team will  include many other professionals, including: the anesthesiologist, perioperative and circulating nurses, surgery residents, medical students, care coordinators and nutritionists. They're all here to help.

      Helpful resources

      The following links provide helpful information about your child's G-tube.


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