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      Testimonial 1

      "Our daughter Kathleen (aka – "Katie") was born in August of 2009. At 3 weeks of age she was diagnosed with severe metopic craniosynostosis and we were referred to Dr. Ann Ritter for consultation. From the beginning Dr. Ritter and her team were wonderful. On our first office visit, Dr. Ritter personally spent 1.5 hours with our family answering questions about the disorder, treatment options, and long-term expectations for Katie.

      We consulted other surgeons, but no one gave us the same level of care. After much deliberation our family elected to have the endoscopic surgical procedure over the traditional CVR. The endoscopic procedure was less invasive, a lower risk for blood transfusion, faster recovery time, and smaller incision site. Additionally, it could be done almost immediately. For the CVR surgery we would have to wait until Katie was between 8 and 12 months. While my husband and I did not look forward to the helmet therapy, we accepted it as the only major disadvantage.

      When Katie was 7 weeks old and a little over 9 pounds, Dr. Ritter performed an endoscopic strip craniectomy. The procedure went perfectly! We spent one night in the hospital and were released the following day. Following the surgery, Katie spent approximately 14 months in helmet therapy and progressed through 4 helmets.

      The results from Katie's surgery were incredible! Hind-sight is always 20/20. And while my husband and I have reflected often on the decision we made for our daughter, we have never regretted choosing the endoscopic route and having Dr. Ritter as our surgeon."

      Testimonial 2

      "Dr. Ritter and her staff were incredibly supportive through our son's diagnosis, surgery and post-surgical orthopedic treatment. While we considered traveling to other children's hospitals for the procedure, and even flew out to interview surgeons at another children's hospital, we were ultimately impressed not only with Dr. Ritter's credentials and outstanding reputation, but also with her attentiveness and sincere concern for our son's well-being.

      Dr. Ritter and her staff have created a warm, family-friendly office that welcomes questions and is set up for consultations with the entire family. She was always patient and encouraged our questions, and took the time to answer our questions thoroughly in 'laymen's terms.' We are profoundly grateful for her skill, compassion and guidance throughout our son's treatment."

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